The Halifax Regional Police Association is home base for a family of dedicated, long-term police and support service professionals. Our workplace is demanding and dangerous. It takes years of dedicated service and on-going training to respond effectively and professionally while in the midst of critical and crisis situations.

The Halifax Regional Police Association provides HRM with a great police force by taking care of the people behind the badge. Restoring and maintaining a strong collective agreement and benefits package with our employer ensures that our work environment and careers are stable, positive and healthy, so we can focus on the complexities and chaos of the job.

Policing is a life-long commitment that relies on a force of lifetime career professionals, both in and out of uniform. Together, we are united in strength. We are dedicated in our duty to serve and protect. We are the people behind the badge.


To vigorously protect the rights and interests, and advance the cause of the men and women, sworn and civilian, who protect and serve the citizens of the Halifax Regional Municipality, and to work responsibly toward maintaining an effective relationship with the employer to ensure the delivery of exemplary police service.”